Corporate University

The future is literally in the next word you are going to read. Don’t just be part of it, help build it with the main tool we have to keep innovating: knowledge. Act with social responsibility allowing your company’s actions to go beyond the professional field, generating employee motivation, also in personal life.

Inserted in the 4.0 revolution, the need to update skills encourages constant learning. In addition to products and services, valuable companies contribute to socio-educational responsibility.

The compatibility of values ​​between the organization and employees generates efficient interaction and communication that contribute to the physical, intellectual and emotional connection with its audiences, fundamental factors in the construction of a solid culture, generating comprehensive results.

Based on this context, RN combines purpose, technology and communication to stimulate and enable the rise of companies in the educational field. Acting as a facilitator in the new digital relationship format, our agency develops and manages online and interactive platforms.

Quick structuring

Does your company want to work with technology, but can’t structure the platform?

RN has a motivated IT team and excellent equipment to develop hardware platforms that can be live in less than two days.

Usual and intuitive

How to engage employees with distance learning platforms?

User experience and communication are the main protagonists at this stage. In a dynamic and accessible way, we create content – narratives, training, classes, live broadcasts, tests, certificates, among others – to enhance technical and behavioral skills.

Accurate reports

How to measure employee engagement?

The contents produced are strategically and collaboratively developed based on the client’s objective. In this way, RN analyzes employee behavior metrics at different levels to deliver feedback according to identified needs.

Maintenance and administration

How to manage an Distance Learning Platform?

At RN you don’t have to worry about that. During the entire management, the IT team remains actively working with intellectual and technical support to ensure high performance of its platform at all times. With the alignment between RN and client, decision making becomes more agile and begins to make sense. Our agency offers a range of possibilities both on and off, encouraging the rise of hybrid events.

Understanding the need of customers in a pandemic scenario, we opted for the concept that mixes digital and face-to-face meetings for a 360º experience. Count on RN to strengthen relationships and help bring not only financial results, but a consolidated organizational culture experienced by your company.