Corporate Events and Meetings

The need to reinvent yourself has never been more present. In view of this, technology has proved to be fundamental for adaptations to the new normal, but the great obstacle is linked precisely to the essence of any event: how to take the experience remotely?

Understanding the current challenges of companies that need to reinvent themselves, we are an agency that analyses, prepares and executes strategic planning from pre to post to support our clients and enable the replacement within an unstable market.

With excellent physical and technical infrastructure, along with agile and proactive teams, your company receives 360º support: from digital to face-to-face. For this, we reinvented ourselves to offer alternatives and develop actions that meet the goals of our customers.

With the objective of connecting people virtually, we work to reduce the noise in communication as much as possible and take the message to those involved in an objective, interactive and accessible way.

RN brings the latest technology and engaged professionals to plan, develop and hold virtual events for different market segments. From the technological point of view, we offer: visual communication, simultaneous translation, transmission islands, in addition to the preparation and guidance of technical speakers for better resourcefulness in front of the cameras.

Hybrid event is nothing more than a mix between digital and face-to-face. This junction is one of the most recent modalities on the market and the forecast is for growth, mainly due to the fact that it breaks physical barriers when it comes to connection and experience.

RN allows them to take place in two formats: events with an audience and live broadcast or with a mediator for streaming. Also having Casa RN, we develop events where simultaneity is the great differential.

Does your company need a sophisticated, sustainable and welcoming place to hold a meeting? Count on Casa RN to make your event a memorable experience!

Known for holding expressive events, Casa RN hosts from corporate segments, such as MBAs and Universities, to the most interactive with 3D experiences.

Valuing the safety of all those involved, the space acts in accordance with the determinations of health responsible Organs: ozone devices for cleaning the air, an anteroom for cleaning clothes and shoes, dispensers with 70% alcohol gel, checking the temperature and use of masks during the meeting.