The lifetime of products and services is increasingly uncertain: for example, how many products do you know that have been modified or replaced by more current ones? For a company to remain active in the market in the face of the accelerated advance of technologies and demanding consumers, a latent need arises: brand positioning.

The purpose of a company must be substantial, that is, despite changing situations, the reason for its existence remains intact. The construction process is complex and long-term, however, when defined, the company’s performance becomes authentic, relevant, differentiated and consistent.

All stages of branding are proportionately important and deserve due attention. With this, RN actively acts at all stages to ensure a relationship with the target audience based on value, purpose and identification with the brand.

Alongside the company, our communication team seeks to understand the brand’s objectives: where do you want to go? who would you like to reach? how do you position yourself? what niche of activity? Understanding why the brand exists, planning is guided by purpose, ensuring the brand’s DNA and strengthening an organizational culture is preserved and communicated.

From then on, we developed visual identity, speech, tone of voice and positioning strategies for stakeholders to identify with the values, making the brand a fundamental element to establish relationships of trust, perception of value and long-term results.