– Video Production
– Internal Communication

Unilever is one of the leading suppliers of consumer goods. It has over 400 brands and its products are on sale in over 190 countries.
Every day 2 billion people use their products to look good, feel better and enjoy life more.

Its portfolio ranges from nutritionally balanced foods, tasty ice creams, affordable soaps, fine shampoos and daily home care products.
And everything we do is thinking about sustainability. In 2012, we topped the Dow Jones Sustainability Index list for the 14th year in a row.


With script and production by RN, a series of videos was developed aiming at the safety of Unilever workers in traffic. Bringing a 360º view, the videos show the care we must take in our front, rear, right and left views when driving.

Team on the street, drone, movement, action! An intense day of recordings to reach this beautiful result.
The video still has subtitles and a pound interpreter! Inclusion! So no one is left out!

See some photos to get a taste of the production!